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Eco-Friendly. Go plastic-free!

Directions: Rub bar on pet's body working up to a creamy lather.  Rinse clean.  Conditions skin and leaves a fresh silky coat.  Nourishing and natural ingredients great for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Extra virgin oive oil, organic coconut oil, sustainable and organic palm oil, grapeseed oil, water, sodium hydroxide*, organic African Shea butter, castor oil, oats, lemon essential oil.

*none remains in finished product

These pups love dog shampoo bars!

Why a shampoo bar?  


I couldn't exclude our furry friends from the collection.  Dogs typically have dry, flaky skin benefiting greatly from moisture. These bars contain nourishing oils and organic unrefined butters. They contain no artificial colors, animal products, or by-products. They are non-drying and give a rich, thick, creamy lather with just a few strokes on the dog's body and rinse clean.  Bars offer much better user control than liquid shampoo and are great for hard to reach places such as dog's underside (chest and belly) and feet/paws.

This oatmeal bar also offers gentle exfoliation which dogs love and need.  Most liquid shampoos don't offer the added benefit of exfoliation.  Customers report that our shampoo bars have greatly relieved their dogs' itching, irritation, and hot spots.  They also love the way their own hands feel after giving their pooches a bath.

Allow bar to dry between uses to make it last as long as possible.



NOT FOR USE ON CATS.  THERE IS CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE REGARDING THE SAFETY OF FRAGRANCE AND ESSENTIAL OILS ON CATS.  We use minimal amounts of fragrance/essential oils in our pet bars which are further diluted by the oils in the soap batter. Soap is also a rinse off product that doesn't remain on the skin for long.  Yet, cats lack important detoxification methods that are present in most mammals.  We would rather you use fragrance-free products on them. Please never apply essential oils directly on a cat's body and never leave them in a closed room with essential oils diffusing.

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