My Story

I've always loved a nice bar of soap but my love for soap making came as a surprise. While working my legal job, I was craving a creative outlet.  My twin sister suggested soap making. She thought I'd be good at it because of the combination of my love for natural body care products and love for chemistry.  After making my first batch of natural cold processed soap, I was hooked!


I have always been sort of a "kitchen beautician" because of my concern about the harsh chemicals used in skin products and its effects on us and on our planet.  I believe in the benefits of natural health and beauty products. I even color my hair with my own natural plant henna mix . 


The skin is our largest organ and first line of defense. It absorbs a lot of what we put on it.  Think of how a nicotine patch works.  I saw that even products that claimed to be "all natural" contained artificial and caustic ingredients.  I was already making homemade natural scrubs and body butters for my husband who has very sensitive and dry skin.  

Speaking of my husband, he is part of my inspiration.  

He is a professional Latin ballroom dancer, teacher, and owner of the largest ballroom dance studio in West Los Angeles.  He dances very close to people and cannot use perfumes. He relies solely on soaps and lightly scented body lotions.  With sometimes twice daily showers, commercial soaps were stripping his delicate skin.

The recipes were formulated with his skin in mind. Once he started using my handmade soaps, his dry patches disappeared.  He no longer felt the need to use lotions because his skin felt hydrated.  I decided to further test my products with my parents whose aging skin had become much thinner and drier.  The natural oils and butters in the soaps helped them.  After my Israeli mother had a mild panic ("Oy vey! Are you leaving your job to make soap?!?), they too convinced me that my soaps were luxurious and decadent and that I should share them with more people. I came real close to calling my company "Oy Vey Soaps".

So, here I am.  I hope you like my products just as much. As for my mom's question, I don't have an answer yet.  I just know that I discovered something I love to do and that I do it with a lot of thought, care and imagination.

XoXo Debbie

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