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About SoaPure

We formulate our soaps from scratch, the old fashioned way using the cold process method.  Our products are vegan, cruelty-free and used with sustainably-sourced ingredients. We use 100% vegetable oils in all of our recipes and enrich our soaps with exotic butters, clays, herbal infusions and botanicals. They are scented using premium fragrance and essential oils​.  The  result is an amazingly luxurious bar of soap that has a creamy, foamy lather with wonderful and gentle cleansing properties.


Unlike many commercial bars, our handmade soaps retain all its naturally occurring glycerin and contains no artificial detergents or harsh chemicals.  Our gentle soaps are safe to use from your face down to your toes.


We've formulated every batch to leave your skin feeling clean without  being over-stripped of its natural and beneficial oils.  


We use the best ingredients we can find including our star ingredient: organic unrefined African Shea butter!  (pictured below).    We go through Shea butter pretty quickly in our soap kitchen because it's so good for the skin!  

Shea Butter
Photos: D. Fontaine

Take a look at our soap loaves!  We pour in small batches to ensure quality. The soap is hand cut the next day and then allowed to "cure" or dry for 4 weeks before it's offered for sale.  This lets the water evaporate and helps the bars get nice and hard so they'll last longer in the shower.  Handmade soaps are naturally softer than commercial bars. To prolong their life, use a draining soap dish to keep the soap as dry as possible between uses.


Some soaps may look delicious enough to have with hot coffee but we think you'll prefer them with hot showers.   ;-)

Pumpkin soap with homemade pumpkin puree
I was a bit heavier handed w/the activat
1. Rose Gold w/pink clay (scented with r
The excitement! I CAN'T WAIT to cut this
Staying busy keeps me from feeling anxio
Raw soap batter in its mold
charcoal soap 2
charcoal soap
Awake (energizing, floral)
Creamy Tea Tree
Green Tea Ginger (refreshing)
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